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Live radio performance Part 2! The Folk Revival Show on WICN 90.5 FM, Worcester, MA. 4/25/19.


The first of two live radio performances out of Worcester, MA on 90.5 FM, WICN’s The Folk Revival Show with radio host Nick Noble, 8-9 PM. 1/24/2019

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“Tent Revival” played on WERU’s “Morning Maine” program. 12/5/2018

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“You Were Strangers” is featured, with an intro by Julia Ostrov sharing a story of Jewish/Muslim solidarity. Chagigah is hosted by Hal Slifer and broadcasts on Sunday mornings on WERS-Fm, in Boston, and Worldwide on 11/11/2018


“Wherever You Go” featured on Episode 13 of Jewish Women Rock hosted by Naomi Less on Jewish Rock Radio. 10/2018

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“I Am,” “Today’s Trouble is Enough,” & “Susanna” featured on Nick Noble’s The Folk Revival on WICN out of Worcester, MA. 9/27/2018

#WCW Feature Interview: Julia Ostrov & Kristen Plylar-Moore                           

"In tumultuous times like these, it’s art we turn to... Enter REVIVAL ... a music show turned album that has captured all of us at 6/8 Music with its warmth, passion, and uniqueness." 

Common Ground: Jews And Muslims Join Together In These Touching Photos

REVIVAL's creator, Kristen Plylar-Moore, is featured in
The Forward's photo essay about interfaith dialogue and solidarity. 


Audience Response

“An antidote to cynicism.” –Tori Napier
“I certainly felt uplifted, healed, soothed and inspired by the beautiful words and music. It was such a powerful evening. I was enthralled.” –Joy Sanjek
“I LOVED your show!!! It was amazing. I woke up this morning wanting to hear the songs again and wishing I could listen to the REVIVAL album on loop. The beauty of the music, the spirit it expressed, the world it creates and who you are as people went straight to my heart! Whatever tent you put up – I’m there!!”
–Larcy Cooper
“Thank you for the concert last night. My body-level experience of listening was one of sacred warriorship—my heart kept opening—and the music, lyrics, instruments, and voices gave it a place to open to more. Congratulations! Thank you!”
–Lisa Freedman
“A perfect evening of soothing the progressive soul!”
–Barbara Platzer